At The Frank Cohen Group, through our extensive research, we regularly produce products that are targeted at specific problems identified by our clients. These include software programs, utilities, workbooks and templates that are user friendly and cost effective.

Our products are now sold through our parent company, DoctorsManagement. Selecting a product will open that product's page in the DoctorsManagement store.

We back our products with a 100% unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If, after using the product for 30 days, you are convinced that it is not worth what you paid, send us an email and we will refund the full purchase amount, no questions asked.
RBRVS Calculator
Setting fees is not an art but a science. The way to succeed is to build a systematic approach to fee-setting with the Resource Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS) data in the RBRVS Calculator. The straight-forward instructions, examples and formulae in this well-organized resource will help clarify the fee-setting process. For more information and to order...

E&M Utilization workbook
Proper E&M utilization is an absolute must for those practices that want to both assess and mitigate their risk for an outside audit or review. Identify patterns of over or under utilization for your E&M codes before someone else finds it for you. Just enter your charge and frequency for each E&M code you report and the worksheet will do the rest. It even builds graphs and charts to assist with presentation to physicians and coding staff.

This workbook contains worksheets for 68 specialties, with all utilization benchmarks derived from your state. For more information and to order...

Procedure Code and Modifier Utilization workbook
Our procedure code and modifier worksheets draw upon the same repository that the auditors use to allow you to benchmark your practice and see just what the auditor sees. Not only will this give you the information to address potential risk areas, but can prepare you in advance should an audit occur. Just enter your frequency for each code you report and the worksheet will calculates a risk score. The worksheets? $110. Peace of mind? Priceless. For more information and to order...

Fee Schedule workbook
The fee schedule is the most important financial tool in any business and a medical practice is no exception. Our fee schedule workbooks provide you with accurate benchmark information and are the only data sets of their kind to also show variability and sample error, two metrics that are critical to understanding the data. For more information and to order...

Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice: Improving Profitability by Improving Processes
This is my latest book (co-authored with Owen Dahl) on applying the concepts of Lean Six Sigma to the medical practice. This book will allow you to:
  • Learn how to use analytics to identify inconsistent behavior by payers - so practices can hold payers' feet to the fire.
  • See how process improvement can help practices reduce denials by upwards of 50%. Use these techniques to improve both patient satisfaction and staff morale.
  • Learn how to eliminate bottlenecks in your practice and use metrics to make smart practice improvement decisions.
 For more information and to order...